Monday 29th of August. 04:30 am. If I knew why I couldn’t sleep then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten into where I am right now: writing a post for a blog I created minutes ago. Why a blog you might ask ? Is my life that interesting ? Well, it’s not but I recently turned 19 (shocker, I’m THAT young) and realised that I had no traces whatsoever of all the things  deemed cool by society that happened to me. I was thinking of writing all of it in a journal but I refuse to be a white american girl cliché. Being a hipster with some lack of originality, on the other hand, seemed totally acceptable to me. So I figured that I would do like everyone else and publish it online for everyone to see it. I’m going to get judged for this blog, the things I write on it and God knows what else but it’s your choice to read it. Not happy with it ? Boo-fucking-hoo ! Let this be a disclaimer, the worst one to be done, that I’m quite enthusiastic about everything and open-minded, I’m all poneys and butterflies but I’m also the most annoying, sarcastic and narcissistic asshole you’ve ever met (except Dan Bilzerian). Some people think less of me because of that, but jokes on them because I think even lesser of them. Damn, the lack of sleep is bringing the mean out of me. It’s not even night anymore, I can see the sun showing up slowly behind the hills. If this feeble attempts at an intro has convinced you to stay, then I hope you ready, because this is one hell of a rollercoaster ride that is my life.